Here you will find some of the ways you can benefit by working with a Realtor (It is a designation of an agent or broker who is a member of the National Associaton of Realtors ) will not cost a penny! The Realtor that helps is paid by the landlord.

Many more homes to choose: The Realtor has access to hundreds of homes to choose from the multiple listing service (MLS), making it easier and faster to find the house of your choice, it is a fact that the vast majority of home sales are not available for buyers who are not working with a Realtor.

Many purchase agreements do not materialize: Unfortunately it’s true. Some transactions are not completed before closing. An experienced Realtor has the ability to solve problems and the possibility of complete closure.

It is a great investment: You will use the services of a professional to deal with matters relating to your health, legal or financial matters. Why play when it is your biggest investment without having a professional by your side?

Less risk: More legal protection, especially when transactions, such as removing contingencies, what happens to the good faith deposit, etc. are complicated.

The purchase agreement and reports: Realtor’s experience will help prepare the initial offer (supply) and negotiate the terms of the agreement. In this document the amount used in check as a deposit (of the hoof) this will partly depend on the price of the house and usually 1% to 3% are also included, the check is not deposited until the offer is accepted and begins escrow.

Presentation of the purchase agreement: Your Realtor once prepared its bid presentation to the homeowner and the agent of the property owner. The owner has three options: you can accept your offer if this meets the terms you are looking for business, counter trying to find a point that favors the buyer and seller, or simply reject your offer. If the owner decides to counter-offer, your Realtor will help you review it and determine whether it is appropriate for you. When the purchase agreement and counteroffers are accepted and well as homeowner and buyer signed, escrow is said to be and begin contingencies.

Period contingencies. This is the time allowed in the purchase agreement for inspections such as:

– General condition of the property, including plumbing, electrical, roof, pool, air conditioning, and all visible from the house, neighborhood, etc. This inspection is not required but is recommended to meet the buyer doubts this inspection is paid by the buyer and their Realtor can give you a list of inspection companies.
– Once the inspection report again if negotiations are defects were found for repair (the homeowner is not required to make repairs). At this stage, if you see something that affects your desire to buy the house, the buyer can cancel the purchase without losing the initial deposit.

Fire insurance: Your Realtor coordinate between your insurance and escrow to make sure your policy is in effect at the close of escrow.
Close. Your Realtor will help you in the final stage to coordinate with escrow, the bank to sign your mortgage documents, delivery of property and final details.

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