Selling a home is not easy. It’s more work than you might think , why four out of five homes sold annually in the United States are sold through a realtor . But there are very good reasons why you want to try what is known as ” sold account” or FSBO ( “for sale by owner” – ” fizzbo “).
Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each •

On your own it might be for you if:

  • The real estate market favors sellers at the moment putting his house up for sale .
  • No hurry to sell.
  • Want to save the typical 6% commission in Florida, would win a realtor estate involved in the transaction.
  • Has a good real estate attorney who can protect you in all legal aspects when selling your home .
  • You already have a potential buyer , financially qualified to buy your home .
  • Unaffected by emotional part that involves selling your home.
  • Have the time and motivation to learn more about the process , answering phone calls and home teaching .
  • On your own it might be a bad idea if :
  • In a hurry to sell.
  • Hard time handling stress , complications and rejections.
  • You do not have the right information to put a price on your home. Putting too high a price for sale immediately , without , while too low a price not worth any gain that would have made preventing the commission of an agent.
  • Not comfortable ( a) negotiating.
  • Cae unknowingly legal labyrinths because he has at his side a real estate attorney .

Before taking a look at the benefits of using a real estate agent , let ‘s take a minute to define the players :
An “agent ” of real estate has passed an examination and obtained a license from the state; a “runner has passed an additional examination and is authorized to operate a private real estate firm , . an AGENT REAL ESTATE ® is a licensed professional and member of the National Association of REAL ESTATE AGENTS ® Finally , an” agent of multiple listing ” can refer to the real estate agent who has hired a vendor to put a house on the market . to keep things simple , we will use the term ” agent ” as a general reference to any of the above .

The benefits of using an agent.

  • The agents know the market and can help you determine the right price for your home.
  • Agents have interest ( the commission ) to sell your home for the highest possible amount.
  • You have more resources to locate buyers and focus to your home, such as the Multiple Listing Service ( MLS – Multiple Listing Service ) and comparative books containing lists of recent sales prices of homes similar to yours in neighborhood – the key that determines the value of your home.
  • Agents can advertise your home in classifieds and real estate magazines.

They ensure in advance that prospective buyers have the purchasing power to buy your home .
Agents are not emotionally involved in your home and can remain calm and act more practically during the negotiation process .
They can save you valuable time, working long hours on your account for every time you present.
wait ; There is a third option.

Not yet it has been decided ? You can always choose the middle path , that is, hire a discount broker for specific services. For a fixed fee or hourly rate , a discount broker can handle certain things, like writing a classified ad for the newspaper , put the property on the Multiple Listing Service or arrange for a “open house”.

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